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Welcome to Lynda's Teddies TM - miniature teddy bears that give BIG hugs and have huge smiles by award winning artist Lynda Kunz Keyes.

Lynda has created a collection of mini teddy bears, cats, bunnies and other animals especially for you. Each fanciful animal is an original design and hand sewn with lots of love by artist Lynda Kunz Keyes. Lynda's miniature bears are known for their big smiles and expressive faces. Lynda spends lots of time soft sculpting the face giving each mini bear lots of personality. Lynda's teddys. bunnies, kittens and other animals are collected by doll, miniature doll house and teddy collectors.

Lynda and her little bears have been featured in many magazines including Teddy Bear Review, Teddy Bear and Friends, Dollhouse Miniatures, Soft Dolls and Animals, and Miniature Collector.


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Featured Bears

This month Lynda is featuring her summer bears.

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Little Friends with huge expressions.

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