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Lynda's Teddies - Miniature collectible teddy bears by artist Lynda Kunz Keyes.
Lynda's mini bears have big smiles.
Add a teddy bear to your dollhouse or place one in your doll's arms.

Artist and Designer
Lynda Kunz Keyes


Lynda began making miniatures in 1980 and began offering her tiny bears to her collectors in 1991. She has made both large and small bears, but her favorite creations are her fully jointed miniature bears, bunnies, kittens and other animals..

She has received a number of prestigious honors including Artisan Status in the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. In 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2004, Lynda received Golden Teddy nominations for her original artwork.  In 1998 and 2000 she also received Golden Teddy nominations for her designs manufactured by Ganz. Lynda licensed her designs to Ganz to be featured in the Cottage Collectible line from 1997 to 2004. Featured in many magazines and books, Lynda's originals are on display in museums in the US and Switzerland.

Lynda's life long hobbies of figure drawing and fine hand work, plus her formal educational background has given her the experience needed to create her cute, comical, little bears.

Lynda and her tiny creations were recently featured in

"Festive Friends"

"Pocket-Sized Pals"

Times Herald-Record
July 12, 2002


"Minute Marvels"

"Bruins'n Buddies"

"Short and Sweet"

"Meet Lynda Kunz Keyes"

You can read more about Lynda and her tiny creations in the following magazines:

bulletFestive Friends, Teddy Bear Review December  2004
bulletPocket-Sized Pals, Teddy Bear and Friends June 2004
bulletTimes Herald-Record July 12, 2002
bulletSynchronicity, Teddy Bear and Friends October 2002
bulletMinute Marvels, Teddy Bear Review August 2002
bulletBruins'n Buddies, Teddy Bear and Friends March 2002
bulletShort and Sweet, Teddy Bear Review July 2001
bulletMeet Lynda Kunz Keyes, Teddy Bear and Friends June 2001
bulletTiny Teddies, Teddy Bear and Friends June 2001
bulletAnimal of the Month, Teddy Bear Review  June 2001
bulletInspirations Gallery, Soft Dolls & Animals! Aug 2000
bulletSmall Wonders, Teddy Bear and Friends  June 2000
bulletThe Gallery, Soft Dolls & Animals! Winter 1999
bulletMiniature Magic, Teddy Bear and Friends June 1999
bulletMaking Miniature Bears, Dollhouse Miniatures  May 1999
bulletFriends, Teddy Bear and Friends April 1999
bulletIntroducing...., Miniature Collector  Dec. 1998
bulletUSA das Land der unbegrenztz Moglichkeiten, Teddys Die kreative Barenwelt Nov 1998
bulletThe Artist's Tiny Touch, Teddy Bear Review March 1998

Lynda and the bears have also been featured in the following books:

bulletThe Teddy Bear Sourcebook by Argie Manolis
bulletTribute to Teddy Bear Artist by Linda Mullins