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Miniature teddy bears and and other animals handmade by artist Lynda Keyes.
Lynda's mini bears have big smiles and fit nicely into your doll house.

bulletHelen has been adopted.
bulletOne of a Kind
bullet2 1/4" small
bulletFully jointed 
bulletBlack onyx eyes
bulletHand embroidered brown mouth, nose and eyebrows
bulletHer face is needle sculpted and hand clipped to give her extra expression.
bulletTan long pile vintage upholstery fabric 
bulletCream ultra suede paw pads
bulletHelen wears a flower print sun dress and crochet lace hat.
bulletHelen comes with a resin garden gate.

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Helen loves to be out in the garden. This spring she has decorated the gate with flowers and a basket of carrots for her bunny friends.

Helen loves her little pink sun dress. Pink is her favorite color. Her lace hat is has a pink silk brim to match her dress.

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