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Miniature teddy bears and and other animals handmade by artist Lynda Keyes.
Lynda's mini bears have big smiles and fit nicely into your doll house.


Xavier & Dacon 

An unlikely pair, Xavier the wizard, and Dacon the dragon, became instant friends when they met in the garden.  Dacon followed Xavier home and the two have remained best friends. Dacon has become the sorcerer's apprentice... though clumsy, he is very lovable.

Xavier and Dacon were featured in the Who's Who 2001 issue of Teddy Bear and Friends. 

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Xavier, the wizard, is 2 5/8" tall and is made of long pile gray vintage mini fur and has black onyx eyes.  His under skirt is dark blue with silver sprinkles.  Xavier's jacket and hat are dark blue with silver stars and silver trim   He carries a magic wand made from Austrian crystals.

bulletPrice: $150.00


Dacon the dragon is 4" tall, fully jointed and made of light blue fur.  His eyes are black onyx and his wings are bright pink ultrasuede.

There is only one Dacon left.

bulletPrice: $125.00

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